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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look, Ma! No Crib!

Last night was JJ's first night sleeping in his big boy bed ALL NIGHT! Here's our sweet lil' man getting tucked in.

His bumpers came in the mail yesterday. They're a very firm foam, slide under the fitted sheet and act as a wedge. You can check them out here. JJ is currently napping in his big boy bed as I type. We've already decided that if he can keep this up for a week, we'll take the crib down. That will free up some space in his room to make it into more of a toddler's playing space. Yikes - this kid is almost 2 years old! Almost out of his crib! Almost ready for potty-training? No. Not even close.

Also taking place last night, homemade pepperoni and hamburger pizza!

Along with JJ's bumpers came my new KitchenAid grater. I figured the best way to break it in was with some fresh mozzarella. Next time I'll use more sauce, but this afternoon Kevin told me it was the best leftover pizza he's ever had. The pizza dough recipe I used can be found here. 
And it was delish!


Eva said...

those bumpers are so neat! had never heard of them before.

Beth said...

We're very pleased with them! I got mine on, they were the highest rated and one of the least expensive, score!

Christine said...

ooooh, that pizza looks good! post the recipe.