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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guess where we're going!

We got our tickets in the mail today. It's official!

There are things I do every single day. I eat. I play with my son. I check Facebook. The list goes on and on...

There are things that JJ does every single day. At the top of that list is watching these guys.

When he was just starting to pay attention to the television for short bursts of time, I would start browsing the cartoons. I wanted him to find something that would interest him with colors, sounds and content....but I also wanted to make sure it wouldn't drive me absolutely batty. I started snooping for cartoon channels. Nick, Jr. seemed like a good place to start. Most of the shows are okay. There are some I can't stand to have on, but for the most part they where Then we found Yo Gabba Gabba! It's colorful - it's fast paced - it's fun! AND - it doesn't drive Mommy crazy!!! JJ was hooked. When that theme song starts to play he comes running!

I hope he loves it - we can't wait!

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