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Monday, June 27, 2011


What a fun weekend we had!

I'm not going to bore you by reposting all of the pictures, you can jump on facebook and check them out!
I highly recommend it . . .

One of my favorite moments from this weekend happened at home. While Mommy cleans the kitchen, folds laundry, etc. . . JJ keeps himself busy by watching cartoons on his favorite channel, Nick Jr. I've seen him dance with the characters on his shows, crack up at what they are doing - but this was a first!

Audience participation! Granted, he doesn't know his
colors. . .but I think it's hilarious that he shakes that little head answering "Dope!" (a.k.a. - Nope!) to the questions at hand. I had to keep rewinding the DVR so he could do it over and over again . . . mommy was cracking up!